Friday, 25 January 2013

My dream towards the end

Kawan-kawan dan diri ni juga dah melaksanakan tugasan tesis, "University students' acceptance towards mobile marketing in Malaysia", Alhamdulillah. Untuk Master kelak, dah terbit idea dalam fikiran ini mengenai konteks kajian "Cherry Picking" :') More importantly, this email has bright my whole day :') "Salam, I am sure you will become a succesful business women if u show the same commitment. Keep in touch! If you need partner in your business, I am willing to be part of the team. Have you consider of becoming a lecturer? Just wonder I can recommend to the faculty. But after joining you will need to continue your study in master and later phd. If not just forget about lecturing, & go for a more adventures journey. Doa your grandma will get well soon, take care. Wassalam-Dr Nor Asiah Omar " I just have "no word" yet, to reply this email, but I will reply soon, with my biggest decision in life :')

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