Monday, 28 January 2013

"She", as herself

She is my "best friend", a sincere friend of mine. As I walk my path of life, I meet people everyday, most are simply met by chance, but, some are sent my way. She had become my special friend, whose bond I can't explain, the one who understand me, know about my dreams, and someone that willing to share joy and pain together, especially during my hard time in University. My love of our friendship contains no boundaries, so even now we are apart, her presence enhances me, with a warmth felt in my heart. I'm still calling her, when I need someone's opinion and she is a good-listener, indeed :') For me, anyone can stand by me, when I am right, but she is the one who will stand by me, when I was wrong, she's never put a blame or judgement on me, she gave a beautiful advice, and let me think, and correct my mistakes. She has a flawless heart, always helping others with sincerely, and know how to respect others in her life. She knows how to decide boundaries that are important to be close, at the same time, respect others privacy of life. We have so many DREAMS in life, I wish she will achieve all her dreams in life, and I will be the happiest person to see that beautiful moments :') For me, happiness in our friendship as light as AIR, our love of this meaningful friendship, as deep as OCEAN, and our friendship itself, as solid as DIAMONDS, wonderful diamonds that is not easy to get, as well as to just forget as time is flying by. Our friendship is still remain, as our beautiful memories still reminiscing in our mind :') Did u remember, when we attend class late together, when we stay up for the whole night to complete our assignments, laughing loudly together, sometimes doing insane things together, keep talking about people together, especially keep teasing on ROMA'S HAIR :'D and even we feel really scared when Roma switch off light for the whole Pusanika, on that night :'( ? , we are having fun on what we are doing together, happy and sad together about our result in UKM :') ? Did you still remember, when sometimes I feel I really can't do it, and maybe u just said that, but still we end up with "LET'S DO IT TOGETHER, WE CAN DO IT IN OUR OWN WAY", the beauty is that, we always trust each others, we feel that, we can depends on each others, when we are hit by difficulties. I really LOVE this friendship :') I'm totally happy to be one of your friends, cause I feel I am the luckiest person :') That memories, as long as in our heart, our friendship love will still remains and never dies :')

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